Das Einsammeln der Versprengten, vor Helms Klamm

Lorron halted his step and listened. There was this feeling between his shoulderblades that told him he was being watched. Weapon at ready, he concentrated on the bushes around him. „Right here. And you won’t need that,“ said a voice at his side. A man had stepped out behind a tree and stood at his shoulder. Lorron’s heart raced. So near. How could anyone that size hide so near and he not notice him sooner? He could have sworn the space behind that tree hadn’t been occupied the last time he checked. The man looked down on him. „We’re already three of us, you can come and try to survive with us,“ he offered. „No, thanks,“ Lorron answered, trying hard to stop his voice from shaking. „My company is not far off, I just went to scout ahead. You can accompany us, if you like. We’re making for Helm’s deep.“ The man’s eyebrows arched up. „You wanna accomplish that ere the orcs do? You got to hurry, and you need horses.“ „Horses we have. Men we lack. Will you join us?“ The big warrior thought a moment, then nodded. „If you can provide mounts for the other two, that is.“ He vanished into the underbrush and Lorron was hard put to follow him, so swift was he. And that for his age, for his hair was already turning to grey. His two friends were relieved to be able to join a larger group. They had been seperated from their own by the orcs and many had been killed. One of the men was wounded and was being led with them on the big warrior’s huge grey horse.
When they reached the others, the warrior gave a shout of joy. „Captain Taernedden! It’s been a long time, but, man, am I glad to see you! Now I’m starting to believe we can indeed make it!“ Geol’s brows furrowed. „Jarl, isn’t it? You know your way around here. Get us to the Deep, fast as you can.“ „But… “ he paused. „Shouldn’t Aswig…?“ He sighed when Geol shook his head. „Too many“, he said. „Follow me, Captain.“ „Jarl, I gave up captaincy in favor of my son.“ Jarl stopped, surprised. „Him?“ Lorron and he exchanged glances. Jarl smiled at Geol and shrugged his shoulders. „Oh well, once you’re past 50, everyone seems ‚too young‘ I guess.“ Lorron snorted and got on his horse.

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